Parisian Market Stallholders

I love the laid back attitude, as we wandered round the markets of Paris. Crosswords, reading and eating were the order of the day. A sale would just be a bonus.



8 accross

Two chairs

A Good Read

My book: Portfolio 1, arrived today.

Blurb have done a terrific job printing my book Portfolio 1. Really excited about. It will be available at our 'Parallels' Digital Exhibition held throughout October at My Brighton, My Hotel, Jubilee Street, Brighton. Part of the Brighton Photo Biennial 2016. Private View is on Thursday 29th September.

Arles, France

Still going through images from recent travels. It sometimes pays to leave them for a while, you see them with fresh eyes or in some cases for the first time.

This was taken in a gallery set up in a church. There were veils of chiffon hanging, so not wanting to miss an opportunity...

Berlin - Underground / Overground

Getting ready for my presentation on the 6th September at Brighton and Hove Camera Club means I have been going through quite a few photographs - and enjoying finding new images that have yet to be edited. Today I revisited the Berlin folder and found some new images from a city that never fails to inspire me.

Rencontres De La Photographie, Arles

With the FujiXT-1 the double exposure setting works like a film camera - the images have to be taken consecutively. However, unlike film cameras you can see a feint outline of the first image, then you superimpose the second. Of course the element of surprise is considerably less, but for me it's the thought process I enjoy and yes there are still some surprises when the image pops up onto the screen.

He's Waiting.

Teenage Baby


Feeling the heat in Arles, France

Seeking a little refuge from the heat in Arles, the Crypt below Place De La Republique offered some interesting photographic opportunities. Pitch black except for a few intermittent beams of sunlight from the square above posed a few challenges. Since I was there mainly to cool down, I wasn't holding out much hope on the photographic front. I began doing some of my double exposures that I love so much...

RPS website

The RPS have featured my successful portfolio on their website:

Hanging plan for my portfolio.

Fingers crossed I have successfully ironed out the social media glitches on my website and you will now have access to my blog.

It was requested that I post my Hanging Plan for my portfolio. So here it is.

With regards to the Hanging Plan, my idea of having 4 rows of 5 went out of the window as there is a max of 3 rows allowed. This format - 9 and 11 worked well for me, allowing 2 central images.

Hanging Plan