Arles, France

Still going through images from recent travels. It sometimes pays to leave them for a while, you see them with fresh eyes or in some cases for the first time.

This was taken in a gallery set up in a church. There were veils of chiffon hanging, so not wanting to miss an opportunity...

Rencontres De La Photographie, Arles

With the FujiXT-1 the double exposure setting works like a film camera - the images have to be taken consecutively. However, unlike film cameras you can see a feint outline of the first image, then you superimpose the second. Of course the element of surprise is considerably less, but for me it's the thought process I enjoy and yes there are still some surprises when the image pops up onto the screen.

He's Waiting.

Teenage Baby


Feeling the heat in Arles, France

Seeking a little refuge from the heat in Arles, the Crypt below Place De La Republique offered some interesting photographic opportunities. Pitch black except for a few intermittent beams of sunlight from the square above posed a few challenges. Since I was there mainly to cool down, I wasn't holding out much hope on the photographic front. I began doing some of my double exposures that I love so much...