I am Fine Art trained and worked as an Art and Design Technology teacher in the Outer London Boroughs. Having moved to Brighton eight years ago I have concentrated on my own personal artistic journey and never looked back.  Whilst teaching, photography was my method of recording school projects and producing material and resources, now it has become my main medium. I was given a DSLR camera, learnt how to use it manually and never turned Auto on again.

For the past four years Photography has become my passion and a means that I am able to express myself creatively.

This year I was awarded my Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society for my contemporary and conceptual portfolio entitled 'The Factory'. Back in 2014, I won the Living the View category of Landscape photographer of the year for 'Fred n Sue' and since been published in the British Life Portfolio. I exhibit at the Brighton Photo-Biennual Fringe Festival and had images accepted by the London Salon of Photography, recently winning a Salon medal for 'Face in the window'. I have undertaken a variety of commissioned work ranging from a Vatican Cricket match, charity events to parties and hotel interiors.

I am a contemporary photographer and my work follows two distinct paths. One is conceptual-based projects and the other is street photography. I enjoy the immediacy and quirky unexpected elements of street life whilst my conceptual work is an artistic form of self-expression, often poignant and edgy, often unveiling elements of our human nature. My images either provide a strong narrative or provoke an emotional response from the viewer. The images I produce are often individual framed statements of time, but recently I have played with double exposures, which enables me to add another dimension to my narratives. My aim in all my photography is to engage the audience to participate in the stories that unfold around me.